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Veronica Sawyer Smokes - Afi

Veronica Sawyer Smokes

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Letra de "Veronica Sawyer Smokes" de Afi

oh my story is not the oldest of it's kind.
i was too touched to see you clearly, far too
young to realize i had loved so dearly you,
who's world i had designed, but the sweet smoke
came with mirrors and it brought tears to my wide eyes.
dying just to see you...dying since i misconstrued
your blue heart, black eyes, feigning falling, words
i won't forget.
i died right when i saw you while you shared that cigarette.

oh i saw you every time i closed my eyes,
in the hughes film i had scored,
produced and starred in, in my mind.
i could recite you, well, i'd written every line...
but you strayed far from my flawless
script on which i'd spent a lifetime!
falling over dead. dying since i had misread your blue heart,
black eyes, feigning falling, words i won't forget.
i died right when i saw you while you shared that cigarette.

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# Genero: metal

# Pais: Estados Unidos

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# Duraci├│n: 2:44 (m:s)

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# Se estreno el a├▒o 2009

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