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Letra de "Steam" de Peter Gabriel

steampeter gabrielstand back!stand back!what are those dogs doing sniffing at my feetthey're on to something, picking uppicking up this heat, this heat{chorus 1:}give me steamand how you feel to make it realreal as anything you've seenget a life with this dreamer's dreamyou know your culture from your trashyou know your plastic from your cashwhen i lose sight of the trackyou know the way backbut i know youyou know your stripper from your paintyou know your sinner from your saintwhenever heaven's doors are shutyou kick them open buti know you{chorus 2:}give me steamand how you feel to make it realreal as any place you've beenget a life with the dreamer's dreamstand back!stand back!can't you see i've lost control i'm getting indiscreetyou're moving in so close 'til i'm picking uppicking up this heat, this heat[chorus 1]you know your green from your redyou know the quick from the deadso much better than the restyou think you've been blessedbut i know youyou know your ladder from your snakeyou know the throttle from the brakeyou know your straight line from a curveyou've got a lot of nervebut i know you[chorus 2]everybody nosedivehold your breath, count to fivebackslap, boobytrap,cover it up in bubblewraproom shake, earthquakefind a way to stay awakeit's going to blow, it's going to breakthis is more than i can takeoh yeah, i need steamfeel the steam all around meah you're turning up the heatwhen i start to dream aloudsee you move your hands and feetwon't you step into this cloud of steamthis steam[chorus 1]help me yeahready to steam out the log jamstir crazy from the freezer to the boilwater's bubbling, it's b..b..b..bubblingbubbling [x4]like it's coming to a boilgive me steam, ladygive me steam around me nowaah coming alive [x2]said give me some steamfrom


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Información: "Steam"

1 ¿Quien canta es tema "Steam"?

Peter Gabriel canta este tema

2 ¿De que país es este tema?

Reino Unido es el origen del país del tema

3 ¿A que genero musical pertenece?

El Genero musical al que pertenece es pop

4 ¿En que año se estreno este tema?

El tema se estreno el año 1992

5 ¿Cuantos minutos dura este tema?

La duración del tema es 6:18 (m:s)

6 ¿En que albúm salio este tema?

El Disco/Album es Us

# Genero: pop

# Pais: Reino Unido

# Visto: Total: 72 | Semana: 1

# Agregado Por: angel_eru

# Duración: 6:18 (m:s)

# Visto hace: 228 Dias

# Se estreno el año 1992

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