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On City Streets - The Casualties

On City Streets


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Letra de "On City Streets" de The Casualties

time to take a stand
united we are strong
we will carry on

let's go..

come on all you people
of inner city streets
the ones contaminated
whoever you may be

punk was born and grew
on concrete city streets
and so was yours truly
can't wash the dirt off me

no one, can see
why i'm so polluted
indolent and so unclean

no one, can see
this foul mouthed offender
filthy and grimy

this renegade
from the bottomless pit
was trained by the street
in the art of hate

roaring sirens screaming
cluttered sidewalk streets
can't escape the concrete jungle
that lives inside of me

no one, can see
why i'm so polluted
indolent and so unclean

no one, can see
this foul mouthed offender
filthy and grimy

united we are strong - time to take a stand
we will carry on - we are never giving up

then without knowing
where i come from
what my roots are
and what my future holds

i'll tell you why
you can't comprehend
first you need to learn
to later understand

no one, can see
why i'm so polluted
indolent and so unclean

no one, can see
this foul mouthed offender
filthy and grimy

like a sewer rat
watch out i bite
i'm dangerous and wild
get out of my sight

casualties.. come on casualties

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