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My Obsession - The Rolling Stones

My Obsession

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Letra de "My Obsession" de The Rolling Stones

my obsession
your possessions
every piece that i can get
my obsessions are
your possessions
my mouth is soaking wet
i think i blew it now, confession
can't dodge it, it's simple logic
youd be better off with me and you'll know it
when you lost it, lonely
my obsession are
your possesion
are you smiling on my way
my obsession are
your possession
one that you should give away
give it to me now i've no objection
i don't mind if it's unkind
and it's not my property
but i want it just to be mine, exclusively
oooh baby, ooh baby
oooh baby, oooh baby
oooh baby, oooh baby
oooh baby, oooh baby
you need teaching you're a girl
there are things in this world
that need teaching with discretion, my profession
my obsessions are
your possessions
are you used to the idea
my obsessions are
your possessions
do you feel at home right here
you should relax it's my impression
didn't see you were so young
i could almost be your son
please turn in my direction, no objection


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El Disco/Album es Between The Buttons

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# Se estreno el año 1967

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