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Bruce Springsteen

Human Touch - Bruce Springsteen

Human Touch

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Letra de "Human Touch" de Bruce Springsteen

you and me we were the pretenders
we let it all slip away
in the end what you don't surrender
well the world just strips away

girl ain't no kindness in the face of strangers
ain't gonna find no miracles here
well you can wait on your blessings darlin'
but i got a deal for you right here

i ain't lookin' for prayers or pity
i ain't comin' 'round searchin' for a crutch
i just want someone to talk to
and a little of that human touch
just a little of that human touch

ain't no mercy on the streets of this town
ain't no bread from heavenly skies
ain't nobody drawin' wine from this blood
it's just you and me tonight

tell me in a world without pity
do you uthink what i'm askin's too much ?
i just want something to hold on to
and a little of that human touch
just a little of that human touch

oh girl that feeling of safety you prize
well it comes with a hard hard price
you can't shut off the risk and pain
without losin' the love that remains
we're all riders on this train

so you been broken and you been hurt
show me soomebody who ain't
yeah i know i ain't nobody's bargain
but hell a little touchup
and a little paint...

you might need somethin' to hold on to
when all the answers they don't amount to much
somebody that you can just talk to
and a little of that human touch

baby in a world without pity
do you think what i'm askin's too much ?
i just want to feel you in my arms
and share a little of that human touch...

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El tema se estreno el año 1992

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El Disco/Album es Human Touch

# Genero: otros

# Pais: Estados Unidos

# Visto: Total: 2 | Semana: 0

# Agregado Por: piojoso

# Duración: 6:31 (m:s)

# Visto hace: 0 segundos

# Se estreno el año 1992

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