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Everglow - Coldplay


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Letra de "Everglow" de Coldplay

oh, they say people come
they say people go
this particular diamond
was extra special

and though you might be gone
and the world may not know
still i see you celestial

like a lion you ran
a goddess you rolled
like an eagle you circled
in perfect purple

so how come things move on?
how come cars don't slow?
when it feels like the end of the world
when i should, but i can't let you go

but when i'm cold, cold
when i'm cold, cold
there's a light that you give me
when i'm in shadow
there's a feeling you give me, an everglow

like brothers in blood
sisters who ride
yeah, we swore on that night
we'd be friends 'til we die

but the changing of winds
and the way waters flow
life as short as the falling of snow
and now i'm gonna miss you, i know

but when i'm cold, cold
in water rolled, salt
i know you're always with me
and the way you will show
and you're with me wherever i go
'cause you give this feeling, this everglow

oh, what i would give for just a moment to hold
yeah, i live for this feeling, this everglow
so if you love someone
you should let them know
oh, the light that you give me will everglow

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Informaci├│n: "Everglow"

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Coldplay canta este tema

2 ┬┐De que pa├şs es este tema?

Reino Unido es el origen del pa├şs del tema

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El Genero musical al que pertenece es rock alternativo

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El tema se estreno el a├▒o 2015

5 ┬┐Cuantos minutos dura este tema?

La duraci├│n del tema es 5:06 (m:s)

6 ┬┐En que alb├║m salio este tema?

El Disco/Album es A Head Full Of Dreams

# Genero: rock alternativo

# Pais: Reino Unido

# Visto: Total: 2 | Semana: 0

# Agregado Por: piojoso

# Duraci├│n: 5:06 (m:s)

# Visto hace: 0 segundos

# Se estreno el a├▒o 2015

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