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Burning Heart - Survivor

Burning Heart

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Letra de "Burning Heart" de Survivor

two worlds collide
rival nations
its a primitive clash
venting years of frustrations
bravely we hope
against all hope
there is so much at stake
seems our freedoms up
against the ropes
does the crowd understand?
is it east versus west
or man against man
can any nation stand alone
in the burning heart
just about to burst
theres a quest for answers
an unquenchable thirst
in the darkest night
rising like a spire
in the burning heart
the unmistakable fire
in the burning heart
in the warriors code
theres no surrender
though his body says stop
his spirit cries - never!
deep in our soul
a quiet ember
know its you against you
its the paradox
that drives us on
its a battle of wills
in the heat of attack
its the passion that kills
the victory is yours alone
chorus (sing chorus 3 times)
in the burning heart

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# Genero: rock

# Pais: Estados Unidos

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# Duraci├│n: 3:50 (m:s)

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