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Bolivian Ragamuffin - Aerosmith

Bolivian Ragamuffin

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Letra de "Bolivian Ragamuffin" de Aerosmith

pack up your troubles in your old gym bag
you gotta dance to the tune of bolivian ragamuffin
i'll take short breaks, love her to the outbreaks
standing on the seashore, lookin' at the city
see the street light, dog bite, go lady on the td8
the wax museum and nobody gets to see themselves
there's others care to see what nobody wants to be a baby
can't break, cabbage head
try and get a salad made
hold my pickle, hold the lettuce
session waters don't upset us
kick, stand, face look so evil, like knieval
never make third base like a toilet bowl cleaner
like a squawk eight fool in i don't know orogotus
if i have to do rock a roller up a jello
facial, connish lie
smoke a bowl of feeling fine
burn and people, try to let us
session waters won't upset us
hee lee cans (kick in the pants)
water fall (got on a dance)
blame it all (say gotta eve us a trance)
ain't gonna do it
ain't gonna do it
ain't gonna do it
ain't gonna do it
ain't gonna do it...


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El Disco/Album es Rock In A Hard Place

# Genero: rock

# Pais: Estados Unidos

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# Agregado Por: piojoso

# Duración: 3:33 (m:s)

# Visto hace: 1137 Dias

# Se estreno el año 1982

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