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Always Tomorrow - Gloria Estefan

Always Tomorrow


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Letra de "Always Tomorrow" de Gloria Estefan

i´ve been alone inside myself for far to long
never really wanted it that way but i let it happen
if i could do it all again my life would be
infinitely better than before i wouldn´t waste a moment
(i´d) make time for laughing with my friends
make love, make music, make amends
try to make a difference, try to love, try to understand
instead of just giving up i´d use the power at my command
´cause there´s always tomorrow to start over again
things will never stay the same the only one sure thing is change
that´s why there´s always tomorrow
i guess it took a little time, for me to see
the reason i was born into this world and what i´d have to go through.
for i´ve finally realized that i could be
infinitely better than before, definitely stronger
i´ll face whatever comes my way
savor each moment of the day
love as many people as i can along the way.
help someone who´s giving up if it´s just to raise my eyes and pray.
´cause there´s always tomorrow to start over again
things will never stay the same the only one sure thing is change
that´s why there´s always tomorrow
before your last setting sun
and everything your heart has longed for
has yet to be (one)
yes there´s always tomorrow though people come and they go
but if you´ve brought some love to their lives
then you´ve got something to show


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Gloria Estefan canta este tema

2 ¿De que país es este tema?

Cuba es el origen del país del tema

3 ¿A que genero musical pertenece?

El Genero musical al que pertenece es Pop

4 ¿En que año se estreno este tema?

El tema se estreno el año 1992

5 ¿Cuantos minutos dura este tema?

La duración del tema es 4:48 (m:s)

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El Disco/Album es Always Tomorrow

# Genero: Pop

# Pais: Cuba

# Visto: Total: 51 | Semana: 1

# Agregado Por: espadonkey

# Duración: 4:48 (m:s)

# Visto hace: 341 Dias

# Se estreno el año 1992

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