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Where Do Broken - Whitney Houston

Where Do Broken


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Letra de "Where Do Broken" de Whitney Houston

where do broken hearts gowhitney houston- words and music by frank williams and chuck jacksoni know it's been some timebut there's something on my mindyou see, i haven't been the samesince that cold november day...we said we needed spacebut all we found was an empty placeand the only thing i learned is that i need you here i am and can you please tell me... ohchorus:where do broken hearts gocan they find their way homeback to the open arms of a love that's waiting thereand if somebody loves youwon't they always love youi look in your eyesand i know that you still care, for mei've been around enough to know that dreams don't turn to goldand that there is no easy wayno you just can't run away...and what we have is so much morethan we ever had beforeand no matter how i tryyou're always on my mind chorusand now that i am here with youi'll never let you goi look into your eyesand now i know, now i know... chorus---------------------------------------

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Ver on-line video musical Where Do Broken de Whitney Houston, Esto nos permite mirar el video Where Do Broken sin ningún tipo de restricción. La fuente del video musical Where Do Broken se obtiene de YouTube desde canales oficiales de Whitney Houston o desde el canal de algún simpatizante de Whitney Houston.

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