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Step By Step


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Letra de "Step By Step" de Whitney Houston

[verse 1]
well, there's a bridge and there's a river
that i still must cross
as i'm going on my journey
oh, i might be lost

and there's a road i have to follow
a place i have to go
but no one told me just how to get there
but when i get there i'll know
'cause i'm taking it...

step by step
bit by bit
stone by stone
brick by brick

step by step
day by day
mile by mile
go your own way

[verse 2]
and this old road is rough and ruins
so many dangers along the way
so many burdens might fall upon me
so many troubles i have to face

but i won't let my spirit fail me
but i won't let my spirit go
until i get to my destination
i'm gonna take it slow
because i'm taking it...


[verse 3]
say baby, don't give up
you've got to hold on to what you've got
oh, baby, don't give up
you've go to keep on moving
don't stop
yeah, yeah

i know you're hurting
i know you're blue
i know you're hurting
but don't let the bad things get to you
i'm taking it...


c'mon baby, gotta keep movin' [ad lib]

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