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Letra de "Lourdes" de Magpie Jay

honey hang on 'cause times are changing.
i've been all over the roof, and days are no longer wasting here in my room.
it's hard to send invitations when there is no one around to catch the sexual vibrations here in my room.
through the years i've managed to maintain a firm stand in what i groove.
it ranges all through night and space, don't judge, don't mess 'cause it aint see through.
every frown i've found i've come around, so i've become into what my friends are calling another reason to enjoy, and i don't care if that goes with you!
i never tried to understand the reason why my taste ain't pink, it's blue, like in a garden full of flowers i've handpicked everything so then i can choose.
i just wanted you to know what you're missing through this "no".
don't come back to me 'cause i'm gonna be long gone!


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Costa Rica es el origen del país del tema

3 ¿A que genero musical pertenece?

El Genero musical al que pertenece es rock alternativo

4 ¿En que año se estreno este tema?

El tema se estreno el año 2015

5 ¿Cuantos minutos dura este tema?

La duración del tema es 5:12 (m:s)

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El Disco/Album es Monte Claro

# Genero: rock alternativo

# Pais: Costa Rica

# Visto: Total: 3 | Semana: 0

# Agregado Por: piojoso

# Duración: 5:12 (m:s)

# Visto hace: 15 Dias

# Se estreno el año 2015

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